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Welcome to J & M Sewing Service Ltd


This is largely due to the aftermath of the Coronavirus Pandemic (on us, and our Suppliers)

Unfortunately, some Orders (particularly for Cassocks) are taking us up to 4 months to complete due to various circumstances outside our control.

Other items are not as badly affected and of course we will try to meet specific target dates if at all possible.

We ask all Customers (even those who may have ordered from us before in other ways) to CREATE AN ACCOUNT on this website - and (if ordering garments) enter a set of Measurements in the appropriate boxes in the personal details area - before beginning an Order here.

For existing Customers (even those who may have created an Account on our former website prior to 2016 which is no longer accessible) we can probably help by copying to them any measurements we have in our paper files.

Please note that any amendments made on our website will only be transmitted to us when a new Order is placed via the website.

There are no places to enter measurements on the Product Pages - as we only make items to order, to given measurements - and once we have a set of measurements for a Customer we can make anything in our range to a suitable size for the individual.

Please also note we do not sell Fabrics, Trimmings or Patterns.

We hope the current J&M website is helpful - but we should stress that the colours/shades of any particular fabric or design on the images included may not be strictly accurate, due to differences in screen resolutions.

Please don't hesitate to ask for samples to be sent to you by post so that you can check what you select is suitable for your purpose before placing a firm order.

If you experience any problems with our website, please click "Contact Us" below to let us know.

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